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"You only get one chance to make a first good impression."

Quick fact...

The YouTube Channel Art is one single image 2550x1440 px but different portions of the image are displayed depending on the device you are browsing with.

That turns into some serious pain when you have to set up your own channel art...

This is the YouTube Channel Art sizing guide for all devices.

...and this is the YouTube Channel Art Template optimized for every device type!

Optimized Template

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The Channel Art will show up in 4 different ways.

You can take advantge of that!


Here is how

Show what's important first.

1. Mobile display

1546x423 px

  • What is your channel about?
  • When can they expect a new video?
  • Where else can they find you?

This is the most minimalistic version of the channel art. You need to make sure it conveys the answers to the three questions above.

DON’T repeat your channel name on this part of the image! That’s an obvious information and adding it here would be a waste of space and it would compete for attention with the other elements of the image.

2. Tablet display

1855x423 px

20% more screen estate. Use it wisely!

  • Which topics do you talk about in your videos?
  • Add some interesting (light) graphics.

This view of the channel art is a bit wider, 20% wider to be exact.
You can add extra information but you should make sure that the new elements do not compete for attention with those you see in the core message (mobile view).

DON’T overdo with graphics! Consider the layout should still work well on a wider display (see next section).

3. Desktop display

2550x423 px

65% more screen estate, compared to mobile. Be careful with it!

  • Remind them to subscribe.

Although using all this extra space is tempting, stuffing information on the edges will not help your message to come across.

The core information (mobile view) must still pop out and be the main point of focus of the entire image.
If you want to add something, just nudge them to subscribe.

4. TV display

2550x1440 px

As big as it gets...

  • Reinforce your brand identity

Unless you are in the entertainment niche, you probably won’t have many viewers watching your YouTube channel art at this size.
However, it make sense to fully leverage the extra space and include elements that can help reinforcing your message and brand identity.

Now it is time to add your channel name.
Right underneath it, you can state the main characteristics of your content. Keep it short and sweet. Three is the ideal number.

Add light graphics to fill some space and draw attention to the core elements.

DON’T overdo with graphics! risk distracting the viewer.

Designed for growth.

Get viewers and subscribers faster!

The generic channel art templates you may find for free are designed by creative designers.

This template is designed by a world-class growth expert and it is engineered to get you more subscribers.


Elements are strategically placed

to paint a perfect picture of who you are and what you do, delivering more clarity on your message and establishing a better connection with your audience.

Get the fully editable template for Google Slides.

(pptx format, it works on PowerPoint as well)

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Why use this template?

Shortly:because someone already went through the trouble to figure out what works.
Use it and save time.


It is the quickest way to give a professional look to your YouTube channel.

Super quick to edit.
It will save you hours of painful trial and error.



It is tested to work correctly on every device type.
Just replace your text and stay within the lines.

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immediate download.

You save time now + you look trustworthy and awesome, on every device.

Plus, as your channel grows/changes, you can go back to your saved configuration and edit it again and again.

It’s a Smart Choice


Why Google Slides?

Google Slides, unlike Photoshop, is free.

(+ everyone has a Google Account already)

It is accurate to the pixel.

It is super easy to use.

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